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FACT-Finder is the leading search, merch and personalization solution for B2C and B2B eCommerce. The company is rooted in technological innovation and customer growth, using proprietary technology to enhance every online interaction for buyers while increasing revenue for sellers by 20-33%. This, along with accrued experience in the industry and a dedicated team of experts, has established FACT-Finder as the smartest way to the best products.

Online shops powered by FACT-Finder benefit from access to the latest developments in AI and ML, enabling them to deliver digital shopping experiences unlike any other on the market. The company’s continuous development of cutting-edge solutions like Next Generation and the Predictive Basket continues to push the bounds of what is possible in eCommerce. The acquisition of the Nordic’s leading AI personalization vendor Loop54 makes FACT-Finder the only solution in the market to offer real-time, one-to-one personalized shopping. FACT-Finder drives shopping experiences in more than 1,800 online shops worldwide including Mytheresa, Douglas and DocMorris.

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