How empowering your community can embolden your brand

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Right now, business owners and entrepreneurs are being forced to reevaluate their strategies and transform the way they have traditionally done business. Having a community built around your brand is the most powerful marketing strategy there is. Gali Arnon, CMO at Fiverr, will share how to leverage the right tactics to connect with the community, determining which marketing channels to utilize and when, and then how #WeProgressTogether, echoing the DMEXCO22 motto. Creating evangelists who love you - and will share that love with others is irreplaceable. Each month, thousands of Fiverr’s talent are sharing achievements on social networks, as well as enthusiastic influencers sharing the variety of services customers can buy on the platform. There are also various ways we work with our community, for example by using real community members and real people who use Fiverr in our marketing material or by empowering them through purpose - we have a whole team dedicated to holding workshops and working on benefits programs for them. And we also get inspired by them, for instance with the thousand and thousand of submissions we had for different marketing campaigns (from microgrants, to design contests, to Super Bowl competition). And this is of course not a zero-risk strategy: Gali will give some insights on how to tackle different kinds of issues of virality and community engagement.

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