The Metaverse forces a new Brand Management Paradigm.

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With the next iteration of the web, coined Web 3.0, the internet turns into a more people-to-people community. Brands need to consider this next-gen internet through converting into Brands 3.0, moving away from a consumer brand to a community brand. Brands that want to be relevant for consumers need to engage, excite, entertain the audience and tell stories. The metaverse will be the ultimate playground of doing this. NFT Technology is building a new relationship between a customer or fan and a brand, and can even serve as a bridge between the digital and physical world, enabling many possibilities for IRL activations. Token owners are much more engaged with the brand and can actually own IP rights or be part of the brand. Therefore, they also can become evangelists, creators or multipliers of the brand and have a real motivation on pushing the brand forward. Learn from this tactical conversation on how brands should enter the Metaverse.

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