Traversing the gaming world, meeting streamers, playing games and falling in love with Twitch’s community: How Pringle’s Zombie escape broke rules in gaming and advertising.

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For the first time ever, a character broke out of a video game and went into the live, interactive world of Twitch. Want to know how Pringles cracked the gaming culture to advertise authentically in the gaming space? Well... Frank is back in the real world for his fans and of course some Pringles. Join Adam Harris, Global Head of the Twitch Brand Partnership Studio with Elena Mancini, Senior Brand Manager and Stephen McSweeney, Digital Marketing Specialist of Pringles Europe, Twitch Streamer Leah Alexandra and Frank the Zombie, to explore how the ‘Frank the Gaming Zombie’ campaign surprised and delighted Twitch’s top streamers and their community to become one of Twitch’s most watched streams. This session will reveal best practices for engaging the gaming community and driving brand results.

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