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DueDash - Making Startups Investable. Startups often have difficulty getting funding on time. Investors have difficulties analyzing the associated risk. Statistically, 4 out of 10 startups fail because they don't have enough runway with financing process taking 6-9 months, even in seed stage. With DueDash, we are developing a private capital tool with artificial intelligence that streamlines and shortens the Due Diligence process by up-to 40%. Founders receive an automated, visual feedback through our CX-focused software, keeping their data up to date, which results in greater transparency and trust for the investor. Our team is culturally diverse and complementary – from experienced serial founders to angel investors. And DueDash is growing. End of May 2020, we launched our community platform and already have +1750 members from 80 countries – all organically. In addition, we have established numerous strategic partnerships all over the world.

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