Including Everyone: How Diversity in AI Can Help Promote Diversity in the Real World

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What if you could understand unfiltered consumer emotional responses to content? In an inspiring session, Smart Eye Deputy CEO (Formerly, Co-Founder & CEO of Affectiva) Rana el Kaliouby, Ph.D. will discuss her groundbreaking mission to humanize technology with Emotion AI – technology that analyzes human expressions and reactions in context. While it has many use cases, Rana will describe its innovative application in the marketing industry, including media analytics and advertising. During these complex times, it is especially crucial for consumers to see themselves and their communities equitably represented to truly connect to their favorite brands. Rana will share Affectiva’s recent research with Kantar exploring the power of inclusive portrayal in advertising. After all, advertising, like all media content, has the power to shape the way that people feel about themselves and others. This session will explore the different avenues on how to prioritize diversity and inclusion and put the human back front and center.

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