How brands are putting local first

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In what we’re beginning to accept as our evolving new normal, people are looking no further than their neighbors and local community for everyday needs, essentials and general contact in the absence of often still missing friends and family. They’re asking for local recommendations for shops, goods and services. They’re also looking for ways to connect, engage and support.

This session will underscore how brands are using Nextdoor to put their customers front and center. How they are listening to what neighbors and small businesses have to say about what they need from brands and platforms today. Consumers are looking for solutions and brands they can trust. Proximity is paramount, and investing at the community level is an important way to show you are there for them. American Express has long been a brand known for showing up for their communities. We look forward to discussing how American Express has been meeting their customer needs and showing up in innovative ways including their recent partnership with Nextdoor launching the 2021 Neighborhood Favorites recognizing beloved local businesses in neighborhoods across the US.

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