The crucial role of digital transformation for the future of diversity & inclusion

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Almost half of the female workers in tech believe, that the effects of the pandemic have delayed their career progression. At the same time, a similar number of women think, that the much needed gender equality is more likely to be achieved through remote working structures. Bolstered by these and more findings from Kaspersky’s recent report Where are we now? Understanding the evolution of women in technology, Evgeniya Naumova is going to talk about the ways digital transformation, boosted by the pandemic, helps create more diverse and inclusive working environments. Indeed, remote and flexible working, as well as a shift in recruiters’ focus from titles and degrees to transferable skills needed for the job, have the potential to benefit diverse professionals with competitive know-hows. Moreover, the now generally accepted construct of working from home has lowered the entry barrier for potential employees aiming to join companies based in other cities and even countries. And for businesses it’s more important than ever to hire and promote skillful people who benefit the company, with prejudices and biases diminishing.

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