The next big thing is Search: From Keyword to A.I. (and Beyond)

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What’s changed in technology in the last twenty-five years?


The (obvious) answer is: pretty much everything. From cell phones, to email, to that ear-splitting dial-up internet tone… it’s more difficult to name what hasn’t changed.


However, there is one thing that has thrived over the last 20-plus years without changing much at all: Keyword Search. Now, you’re probably thinking that search has changed dramatically since the ‘90s. And, you’re right. Consumer search has seen dramatic improvements in that period of time, thanks to Google. But there is one area of search that is stuck in a bit of a time warp, yet has never been more popular: Keyword Search. Keyword Search powers the majority of business websites, but it is light-years from the experience you get when searching on Google.


The question is: why?

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