Bringing Online Events into the Virtual World with ZREALITY and Top Ideas Digital



Digital Media & Trading
Top Ideas Marketing & Events GmbHTop Ideas Digital is a digital marketing and sales optimization company with more than 15 years of experience helping clients such as Dell and A1 all the way to small and medium businesses. Our focus has always been on digital transformation using a holistic approach which helps companies to reach steady growth and achieve their goals. We always strive to deliver the most accurate go-to-market strategies and build stable marketing automation processes for our client’s businesses. From our headquarter in Vienna we cover more than 20 European markets. We are excited to announce, that we have established a unique partnership with the world's first Content Management Platform to make brands come alive in Cross-Reality (XR) - Zreality. In the future humans will work, communicate and interact in the ‘Spatial Web’. Experiencing products and meeting with people in a three-dimensional Internet will soon be the norm. Latest 3D, Augmented and Virtual Reality technology opens up endless possibilities to communicate with your customer and present your products – anywhere and at any time. Zreality helps you delivering superior virtual experiences for Web 3D, Augmented & Virtual Reality with an easy to use platform. ZREALITY has invented the world’s first multi-channel content management platform ‘Sphere’ for the Spatial Web. With Sphere businesses can easily present products in superior 3D quality on the Web, in Mobile and VR/AR applications. Sphere is a Cloud platform and as easy to use as WordPress. It allows the creation and publishing of 3D apps with dynamic content and real time data to any device – without the need for programming skills. Sphere helps marketing and sales professionals to sell more and Customer Service Teams to be more efficient. Founded in 2015 ZREALITY is serving more than 50 global brands such as BASF, HyperloopTT and ZDF and has offices in Kaiserslautern/Germany, Luxembourg and New York.